Children's Hospital

Children’s Hospital has been helping children in the greater Richmond area since 1928. Founded by the community to help children suffering from polio, the institution has evolved into one of Richmond’s most distinguished and loved non-profit organizations. However, being admired is not the same as being understood, recommended and well-supported. As the Hospital evaluated its position in an extremely competitive pediatric care market, they realized they had to do more to leverage their brand, particularly within their own company. They needed internal branding.

Extensive planning, research and employee surveys gave our team the right insights to re-work the organization’s mission, vision and values in keeping with the Hospital’s current offering and future vision. This work translated into new brand recommendations including an updated logo, a tagline and a signature visual treatment for the brand.

When the new brand was introduced to employees in special staff briefings, they quickly embraced it. It rang true to them in every way, from the new mission and values to the new tag line “Young at Heart”. They were enthused and energized by the emotional connection to the “youth” they care for with dedication and love. The employees became the strongest advocates of the brand, bringing its values to life in every aspect of their behavior and care.

The visual brand direction was formalized in a new set of graphic standards that could be used independently to update the website, business materials and publications. Parking lot banners were created to bring the brand to life on campus, along with special posters displayed in many areas of the hospital grounds.

In an effort to raise awareness of their advocacy work during the Virginia General Assembly, the brand was applied to wrapped transit buses that covered the downtown area near the State Capitol. The colorful design and boldness of the message continue to build buzz in the health care community and beyond. We were told that the city’s bus drivers always smiled broadly when they were given the opportunity to drive one of the special buses.

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