Discovery Health

The Discovery Channel is one of the best-known names in the cable TV industry. And experience and ratings have taught them what interests viewers. Hence, Discovery had already created such sister channels as Animal Planet, The Travel Channel and TLC. So, when the company decided to launch a new cable channel offering programming about health, medicine and personal well-being, it knew it needed to give the Discovery Health Channel a strong identity to attract viewers.

The channel’s vision of who it wanted to be was clear, but it was going to take some strong advertising to establish the brand both with potential viewers and cable operators. Since the programming was so diverse, ranging in shows about everything from medicine of the future to women’s health, Siddall elected to allow the programming to establish the brand.

Working very closely with the folks at Discovery Health to ensure the advertising echoed the on-air promotion (which Discovery produced in-house), print, television and out-of-home advertising were developed to create excitement about “21st Century Medicine,” “Lifeline,” “She TV,” “Raising the Bar,” and other shows. Each ad encouraged appointment viewing (“tune in tonight at nine”) and, perhaps more importantly for a brand new network, asked those who didn’t receive the channel to call their cable or satellite provider.

The results pleasantly surprised everyone at Discovery Communications. Following the campaign’s run, awareness of the Discovery Health Channel nearly doubled, surpassing awareness of Animal Planet and nearly reaching TLC’s numbers. We were quite proud to have helped with the launch of the channel and understand the patient is doing quite well.

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