Fifth Third Mortgage

Trust is a precious commodity in this “us vs. them” economy. If you’re a big mortgage player like Fifth Third and you’re committed to providing low-to- moderate income families with affordable mortgage solutions, how do you convince the target that you’re genuine?

Fifth Third Mortgage turned to Siddall. Our research showed that this particular audience is proud, hard-working, and determined to provide their families with a stable home environment. So we created an integrated campaign of radio, print, out-of-home and online advertising that showcases their real-world accomplishments and the critical roles they play in their communities. We also created a website they could go to for more information and for direct help from Fifth Third loan officers.

The campaign struck a chord. Target audiences in Chicago and Cleveland gave Fifth Third high marks for their understanding of the audience and for their mortgage product offering. Now the campaign is making believers out of audiences in Cincinnati, Detroit and Grand Rapids as well.

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