Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac was chartered by Congress in 1970 to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the housing market, making it possible for more families to own homes or live in affordable rental housing. Since its inception, Freddie Mac has helped more than 50 million families achieve homeownership and has financed one out of every six homes in America.

For eight years Siddall has helped tell the Freddie Mac story to a variety of audiences—from policymakers to investors to mortgage lenders across the country. Through the Freddie Mac Foundation, we’ve also helped extend the story to the communities Freddie Mac serves. And in every story we’ve told, the message has been the mission—a mission captured in a simple but powerful tagline: We Make Home Possible.

The strategy served our client well. During the financial upheaval, we worked with Freddie Mac to assure mortgage lenders that steps were being taken to address the current crisis, that mortgage money was still available and that programs were in place to help people remain in their homes. In an era of unprecedented uncertainty, this message remained the mission: We make home possible.

Lenders responded with confidence. In 2009, Freddie Mac helped 2.5 million families own or rent a home, 272,000 families avoid foreclosure and 1.8 million families refinance their mortgages.

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