Jersey Gardens

Opening a mall in the New York City area, the most competitive and cluttered retail market in the world, is a daunting dream. But when Glimcher Properties, a nationally recognized real estate development firm, approached Siddall about introducing Jersey Gardens, we were excited by the challenge.

Offering a shopping experience unique to the area, Jersey Gardens promised to offer New York shoppers the brand names they sought at outlet or discount prices. Obviously, the first order of business was to gain awareness.

But in retail, awareness doesn’t mean much if people aren’t coming and spending. So in addition, the campaign needed to educate, excite and entice people to shop at Jersey Gardens. And then come back to shop again. And again. It was a classic case of destination marketing. And the folks at Glimcher were shooting for a 10 percent market share.

The positioning of quality merchandise at lower than retail prices and selection of favorite stores lead to the promise and creative strategy: Jersey Gardens—designed to provide brand name shopping for savvy New Yorkers.

TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, out-of-home and direct mail advertising was used to execute a “look big” media strategy. As a new player in the marketplace, it was vital that the chosen media help build the mall’s credibility, making it appear as a major player. Enormous wall boards, conventional billboards and wild postings completely covered key areas of Manhattan.

Opening weekend, over 500,000 people on their way to Jersey Gardens turned the New Jersey Turnpike into a parking lot. More scientific numbers indicated that after just four months, awareness was at a whopping 34 percent. Research went on to tell us 84 percent of those who’d shopped Jersey Gardens planned to return. And market share hit 11 percent, exceeding Glimcher’s goal.

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