Every day in Virginia, 15 people die waiting for an organ that could have saved their lives. That’s over 5,000 people a year who might have lived if more people had signed up to become organ donors. And that fact alone is why LifeNet was established and given the responsibility of creating a convenient online donor registry.

Siddall’s role in this mission was to raise awareness of organ donation in the Commonwealth as an urgent need and to convince people that signing up is the right thing to do. Not an easy task when you’re asking your audience, primarily young adults, to think about their own mortality. However, research proved remarkably helpful in finding a message that would best resonate with potential donors.

While they didn’t want to think about dying or how their body might be treated, the research participants felt empowered when they learned that one donor has the potential to benefit seven people in need of organs. Taking their lead from this valuable research, the first thing the creative team did was to change LifeNet’s web address to

From there, the team developed a campaign including posters, print ads, TV and radio spots depicting the Grim Reaper having the worst day of his “so-called” life as he’s shoved into a school locker, a dog mistakes him for a fire hydrant, he has a beer keg dropped on his head and worse. The point being that if you become a donor you not only have the chance to save seven lives, you have the opportunity to “ruin Death’s day.”

This more lighthearted approach to organ donation seems to be hitting bull’s-eyes with our target audience with approximately 8,000 Virginians visiting the website per month since the campaign launched.

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