State Fair of Virginia

These days, a single enthusiastic fan can get dozens of friends to show up for an event with just a text message. So how do we harness that power?

For the State Fair of Virginia, Siddall did it with Facebook. Three months before the event, we began to engage the State Fair’s 2,000 existing Facebook fans with photo games, thought-provoking trivia questions, contests and giveaways. We kept the Fair in their news feeds, on their individual pages and in the “Suggestions” section to increase awareness and motivate attendance. By the time the State Fair opened, the number of Facebook fans had increased 500%.

At the two-week State Fair event, we set up photo booths throughout the fairground where attendees could pose with their teddy bears and cotton candy and immediately share their pictures online. We recruited “ambassadors” to attend the Fair each day and post their experiences. We also used Foursquare and encouraged people to “check in” while at the Fair, letting all of their friends know where they were.

The campaign continued to be successful even after the Fair ended. The Facebook fan base has grown to 12,500 people.

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