John Siddall

is CEO
and he is inspired by the courage he sees in others.

John isn’t simply our agency’s namesake. He is also our personality-sake. Some business leaders sequester themselves away while others constantly bark orders at their minions. As CEO of Siddall, John avoids both stereotypes and exemplifies quiet leadership. John can frequently be found in the halls of the agency, not to pester but to just say hi and see what he can do to help. Our clients know that at any time, they can pick up the phone and call John directly. He is an excellent listener and he truly values every opinion. John is smart, creative, humble, friendly and hard-working, Exactly like this agency he started 35 years ago.

John's Brand Experience: Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, Freddie Mac, VDOT, Xenith Bank, British Aerospace, Virginia Tourism, Walt Disney Company, IBM, Gillette,  AT&T,  BF Goodrich, National Harbor, Jamestown 2007

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