Kira Siddall

is Social Media Strategist
and she is inspired by travel and meeting the people of the world.

Kira lives and breathes social media. She had already become a veritable expert on Facebook and Twitter before most of us even knew they existed. As Social Media Specialist, Kira is extraordinarily gifted. And we’re not talking about her ability to craft an eloquent 140-character tweet or her penchant for funny Facebook status updates. Kira is gifted in her ability to understand people. Using insight that would make the most astute sociologist envious, she is able to develop new, exciting ways that do more than merely reach people. They inspire, engage and motivate people. Twitter notwithstanding, Kira has many followers. She knows how to make the most of every social medium in any situation. And we really do “Like” that.

Kira's Brand Experience: State Fair of Virginia, Rocketts Landing, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, Special Olympics, Tweetsgiving, Epic Change

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