Roberta McDonnell

is Production Director
and she is inspired by the quiet of nature.

If you find yourself looking for a gift for Roberta, she certainly could use a hat rack. Okay, maybe. And the bigger, the better. You see, she wears a whole lot of hats. She is in charge of the day-to-day happenings of the agency. She handles budgets. She makes important decisions. She manages the operations of the agency while also managing to make it look easy. She uses her exceptional management and budgetary skills to also serve as our Production Director, ensuring the highest quality finished product at the best possible price. If you have tasks that need to be accomplished, there is absolutely no better person to have in charge than Roberta. Put simply, she gets things done. And done well.

Roberta's Brand Experience: VDOT, Freddie Mac, Riggs National Bank, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, Potomac Hospital, Rocketts Landing, Fifth Third Mortgage, National Harbor, US Africa Airways, Fannie Mae, Virginia Eye Institute, State Fair of Virginia, Stony Point Fashion Park, Polaris Fashion Place, Discovery Health, Lifenet

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